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Brigaid is dedicated to improving school meals by helping districts to upgrade kitchens to serve freshly made food, and bringing talented, trained chefs to supervise the nutritional & culinary experience.

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

Each year, Rebuildinng Together Philadelphia and 1,200 volunteers provide free safe and healthy home repairs for 75 to 100 homeowners.

Citi Trends

Citi Trends is a national discount apparel retailer with more than 500 stores. Their online videos have reached millions of customers and fans as part of innovative mobile advertising campaigns.

Pour Richard's Coffee

In this multi-part documentary series, Richard Berman, a U.S. based direct-trade coffee roaster, travels to see the farms and meet the people who grow his premium artisanal coffee beans.

African Education Program

AEP funds youth programs out of its flagship Amos Youth Centre in Kafue, Zambia, helping hundreds of students expand their learning each year and funding their potential from grade school through university.

Larry Krasner Interview

Larry Krasner has never been a district attorney or a politician - but his progressive campaign to be Philadelphia's top prosecutor demonstrated that a platform of fair and equal justice resounds with voters.


Cinematography Reel

Samples from narrative work shot on formats from 35mm to HD around the world.

35mm, dir. Gursimran Sandhu

When Nina Patel is nominated to represent her eighth grade class at Homecoming, she's thrilled. But when trying to convince her traditional Indian parents to let her go to the dance, she discovers her father in a compromising position. In an effort to buy her silence, he lets her go to Homecoming, but no pretty dress or beautiful crown can make a fairy tale of her shattered reality.

Super 16mm